Erica Seplow

Personal Trainer & Total Body Sculpt

Erica Seplow is a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Youth Fitness Specialist. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Queens College in 2003, she began her 14 year journey in the health and fitness industry. She began working as a Personal Trainer at a health club in Queens, NY, where she was prmoted to Assistant Manager overseeing more than 25 employees. During her time as a personal trainer, she built strong relationships with all of her clients and realized what a rewarding career she had chosen. “I wanted to offer all my clients the best program, and lead by example.”

Erica believes that “we are blessed to have the ability to take care of our bodies, it’s just a matter of making the choice to do so. Without proper care, our physical bodies will not be able to perform properly and fulfill the unique roles bestowed upon us by our loving Creator.”

She brings this love along with her passion for health and fitness into the newly created Thrive Kids and Family Wellness Center. Erica is excited about all the opportunities available in Thrive Studio’s second location for moms, toddlers and everyone in between. Looking forward to getting to know each new member of the Thrive Family and to serve you best, she welcomes you to reach out with quesitons, comments and suggestions.